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A comprehensive study of the Swedish gambling market

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The covid-19 pandemic has affected the physical and mental health of the public. The increased online gambling behavior during the lockdown has raised many eyebrows. There is a possibility of increased problem gambling as sports bettors shift their attention to more game of chance as all sports tournaments are held up. An assessment of online gambling was performed in Sweden, studying the thirty-day gambling pattern of online Swedish bettors. The study conducted on May 2020, during social and travelling restrictions, reveals non-sport gambling was at an all-time high, and sports betting decreased significantly.

The covid-19pandemic posed life-threatening threats to many. The pandemic also affected the online gambling behavior of bettors globally. A problem gambling and gambling disorder is have become a global concern; 0.1% to 5.8% of the general population reported this year on pre-pandemic year. This issue across countries and continents negatively impacts the psychological, financial and social life of players. During the self-isolation period, many new players registered in mega888 online casino. Players suffering from problem gambling can be treated successfully with motivational intervention and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Unseen, unparallel condition

The confinement, restrictions imposed by many governments as preventive measures created an unseen, unparallel condition in the economic market, education system, leisure activities and labor market. The condition forced people to stay at home, possibly more time spent online. The risk of losing the job, worry about the future may have influenced the gambling behavior of wagers. Under this given circumstance, there was a significant change in the gambling market. Sports netting came to an all-time low, as sports events were held for a significant period of time. Due to lockdown regulations and canceled sports events, predominantly sports bettors turned to other gambling types.

The Swedish gambling market is regulated and license-based since 1st January 2019. The land-based casinos and electronic gaming machines (EGMs) are state-operated. On the other hand, online casinos, sports/horse race betting, online lotteries and bingo games are open to competition. In Sweden, gambling advertisement is fairly frequent in television and other media, and online casinos are the largest sponsor of these commercial lines.

Casino games is their first preference

A major chunk of treatment-seeking problem gamblers reveals online casino games is their first preference, followed by sports wagering. A little below 1.5% of the Swedish population are thought to be problem gamblers, with an increased women participation, as per official general population survey data of 2019. During the study period, professional sports events were canceled, but horse racing continued in a restricted environment with the availability of online wagering.

Results reveal 75% of the respondents were male, 7% had a history of self exclusion. 52% are no risk gamblers according to PGSI standard, 23% low risk gamblers, 15% moderate risk gamblers and 10% problem gamblers. The trend shows horse race betting (90%) is the first preference, followed by online casinos (80%), online poker (74%), and online bingo (72%). During covid-19 lockdown, there was a dramatic change in the behavioral pattern of gamblers. Most of the newly registered players at mega888 online were male. In this scenario, when sports betting was scarce, those who still bet on sports are intense gamblers.

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