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Practical Choices for the Roulettes and their Tricks

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As the name suggests, the player to apply this roulette method must aim to cover as many numbers as possible, to always obtain a profit, albeit minimal. It is enough to keep one loss for every 5 wins always to have a profit. This is quite simple since the odds are 30 to 7 (30 numbers covered versus 7 not covered). To understand how it works, we recommend reading the article on the covering technique.

The Column Roulette Strategy

The column method is a จีคลับ roulette strategy that allows you to win by adequately managing the risk of losses. This strategy is applied on a series of 9 numbers since, in the case of winning within the 9th hit, all previous losses are absorbed. To understand how it works and read the procedure, we invite you to read the article on the system of columns for roulette.

Roulette Tricks: The 3 Colors

The 3-colour or three-of-a-kind system is one of the simplest and most effective Roulette systems. Just wait for red or black (or even an even or odd number) to come out three times in a row and then bet on the opposite colour to the one released consecutively. To learn more, read the in-depth analysis on the Three of a Kind method for roulette.

How to Win At Roulette: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

After seeing the 15 roulette methods used by professionals, we want to give you some valuable tips to improve your gaming experience. First of all, especially if you are a beginner, it is good to learn the rules and roulette functioning. After that, it is essential not to extend the game session beyond one hour, especially if you are struggling with online or electronic roulette. Stubbornly playing for over 60 minutes staring at the PC reduces concentration, risks making you lose the spirit of fun or even throwing away the fruits collected with the methods adopted up to that moment. Also, for those who prefer online, one can come in handy pen and a sheet of paper to write some notes, such as the sequences of numbers released. Remember that on the PC screen, the player sees the last 10 extractions from time to time. Finally, we recommend the use of the demo versions to avoid wasting capital immediately and at the same time familiarize you with roulette.

In summary, our top tips for getting the most out of roulette are:

  • Know the rules of the game thoroughly (e.g. choosing a single-zero European roulette reduces the house advantage)
  • Not to exceed 60 consecutive minutes of play
  • Notepaper and pen in the online version
  • Learn via free demo versions

Is There A Foolproof Way To Win At Roulette?

No system gives mathematical certainty of success. The reasons are simple: even covering all 37 numbers of the wheel, you will face an inevitable loss: you will hit the dead number, but it, paying 35 times the stake, will make you recover only 36 of the 37 pieces bet. Furthermore, roulette has no “memory”. It is believed that after a sequence of 3 red numbers, the probability of a black number coming out is higher. Nothing more incorrect: the likelihood of a black number or a new red number is precisely the same.

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