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What Are The Different Types Of The Slot Machine?

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In gambling, the slot is an interesting and the most accessible game amongst all the games available to play for the gambler. It is also considered a most attractive machine because of its lighting that can attract anyone toward it. It can also be termed as one of the fanciest machines. There are varieties of slot machines available with gamblers on which they can play games. Single-coin machines, Multipliers, Wild Play Machines, Touch-Screen Machines, Multiple Pay line Machines, Buy-Your-Pay Machines, etc., are different kinds of slot machines. Online gambling at joker123 provides you different kinds of slot machines. Some of the machines are discussed in detail.

Single-coin machines

One of the simplest and the common types of machine is a single coin machine. In this, gamblers had to insert one coin to play. After inserting the coin, they had to pull the lever down to see whether similar tiles appear on the machine or not. If similar tiles appear, you are the winner.


This machine is an advanced version of a single coin machine. In this player had to play with more than one coin. However, if the player wants to play with a single coin, this machine also provides the feature to play with a single coin. That is why this machine is termed an advanced version of a single coin machine.

Wild Play Machines

It is an exciting machine that offers you more bonuses and benefits. In this, there are some tiles on which the word wild is mention. Whenever you pull down the lever and one tile on which wild is written appears in your payline, your winning amount will be doubled. If two tiles written wild will appears in your payline, your winning will be multiplied by four.

Touch-Screen Machines

As the rate of improvement in technology is increasing rapidly. New technologies are emerging on a daily basis. So how could gambling not be a part of that improvement? Slot manufacturers had manufactured a new type of machine: a touch screen machine operated by touch and not with the lever. It is also straightforward to understand because currently, everyone has smart phones with them.

Multiple payline machines

Generally, in slot machines, only one pay line appears in the middle of the screen. But in this machine, there is more than one payline. Therefore, playing on this machine will definitely increase the chances of winning of the person just because of its unique feature of multiple payline.


From the above information, we can conclude that there is an available wide variety of machines. Playing online gambling at joker123 will also provide you with the best experience with the different types of slot machines. Now slot machines are not limited to one or two. And also, different technology had been introduced in slot machine-like touch screen machines, video slot machines, etc. With the new technology in the slot machine, the gambler feels more indulged in the game, and also it provides a good gaming experience to the gamblers.

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